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Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site.


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Custom Component Build - Part 1 - Introduction

Custom Component Build - Part 2 - Milestone 1

Custom Component Build - Part 3 - Milestones 2 & 3

Custom Component Build - Part 4 - Final Thoughts

SXA Overview Part 1

SXA Overview Part 2

SXA Implementation - Some Tips & Tricks

Video Tutorial Walkthrough

Add data attributes to renderings

Random Junk & Garbage

VSCode Can Do That?! - A collection of resources for VSCode, because yes… it CAN do that.

VSCode Settings Sync - Share your extensions with others or re-populate all your installed extensions into a new computer or instance of VS Code

A Collection of UI Design Tips

Make your code snippet screenshots look pretty with Carbon

A Script to set up a new Laptop with all the Things

ES6 In Depth - Brought to you by Mozilla

Add or Remove classes on things w/ Jquery?
could be a fix for slick carousel variable height slides. add a class that makes all the other slides havecss display: none;

Charles - Web Debugging Proxy Application

CSS Architecture

Objects in Space - A style-guide for modular SASS development using SMACSS and BEM


read in order

A Primer to Frontend SVG Hacking :D

Optimizing SVGs in Data URIs

Data URI Generator

URL Encoder


Essential JavaScript Design Patterns - Complete Book