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AB JW Player Discovery

Discovery - JW Player

The scope of this story is to gain a better understanding of capabilities and integrations needed to implement JW Player on the site.

Current State of AB x JW Player

AB is using JW Player as both a video player and to host video content via JW Players CDN, see the following links (requires login?) and markup:

Introduction to US Health Care Providers

Everything You Need to Know About Medicare in 13 Minutes

<div id="jwplayer-playlist" class="jwplayer jw-reset jw-state-idle jw-stretch-uniform jw-flag-aspect-mode jw-breakpoint-5 jw-floating-dismissible jw-flag-user-inactive" tabindex="0" aria-label="Video Player" role="application" style="width: 100%;" aria-describedby="jw-shortcuts-tooltip-explanation">...</div>*~data=hdntl~hmac=b9349a3dbaa7f519ce3c8e1bef5c32d9e784321d201113033dd4e25730886162

Furthermore, there appears to be a script and associated styling placed inline of the markup:

alt text

alt text

If we are to use JW Player moving forward, any potential development issues should be small (opposed to finding another video player solution and host).

JW Player Documentation

Features of JW Player

Styling appears to be loaded with JW Player and not embedded in any of the existing stylesheets provided by the client. The Player CSS skin reference contains all of the information about styling the player.

Playlists are created within the JW Player platform. Playlist information can be found here in the Player configuration reference playlist section

Benefits of (continuing) to use JW Player

Potential Video Player Alternatives

As detailed in this article, YouTube, Vimeo, and other free players can be embedded into a Sitecore page with an iframe embed. Platforms such as Brightcove, Kalture, Ooyala, Wistia, and JW Player provide brand-able video players and advanced analytics. Brightcove even has an OOTB connector for Sitecore. Here is the Brightcove Connector for Sitecore 9.0.2

Concerns, Blockers, etc…

Using JW Player does not immediately present any concerns, blockers, or challenges. There are no known issues or otherwise to the continued use of JW Player as ABs video player and hosting solution.

What We Need to Implement JW Player

A log of existing pages where JW Player is currently in use could be helpful, as pages without JW Player hosted videos do not need to load the JavaScript or Stylesheets needed for the player.

Access to AB JW Player account OR set up a free developer account for development purposes (developer account on JW Player is free for 1 month).

Integrating JW Player RTE

Addressing JW Player causing rendering not to load in Sitecores Page Editor


How to install JW Player

Embedding JW Player

JavaScript for JW Player

JavaScript API Introduction

CSS for JW Player

Customizing JW Player with CSS

HTML for JW Player

HTML5 JW Player

JW Player Sitecore Integration

There is no OOTB Sitecore Integration for JW Player, the integration will have to be built. There are a couple of links in the ‘Sitecore Specific JW Player Links’ section that have additional details that may be beneficial.


UI Considerations