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January 2020 Worknotes


Finally had a month old PR approved and merged. There were numerous issues since the development branch had progressed quite a bit and changes that had been made were lost along the way. Changes to static HTML were lost; CDN links for JS lib dependencies disappeared, additional markup changes disappeared, but we made it through. Had to troubleshoot a lot of issues, sorted them out and everything is looking better now. Until it hits QA. Got animation timings approved by UX, which is nice. Spent a bit of time going through my current Frontend Masters course.


Had the client demo today of animations. Went well, the only questions came from their frontend dev. He was mostly curious to hear how locked in the animations are to the content, which at this point they are locked in to the exact content that has been agreed upon w/ the client. Otherwise, spent the day tweaking things that were completed while everyone was OOO over the holidays. The FED only work that I did is moving to BED, so there will likely be some back and forth to get it all dialed in.


Had a demo today of previous sprint work. Most of this work was animated and composed of animatable elements, mostly SVGs as well as some standalone CSS properties. As noted yesterday, IE11 (according to project requirements) was potentially a problem, but after speaking to some teammates and looking for polyfills, then testing out the the pages in BrowserStack and on my mobile device, turns out I was missing some additional properties on my SVGs as well as some properties in CSS. On the SVG side of things, having a width and a height set is something that IE11 wants. There are of course things that IE11 does not support.


Totally missed almost 2 entire months due to increased project work and chaotic life mess. Have recently been working on SVG animations with GSAP and IE11* is still the worst thing that Microsoft has done in the history of all things, but I will get through this and show y’all some of the things I learn along the way

*well IE anything for that matter, but for the purposes of my current project, IE11 is all I ‘care’ about