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October 2019 Worknotes


We had a chili cookoff and I didn’t win… guess kimchili is too un-midwestern for my people

Nothing too eventful outside of the chili cookoff, which was pretty great. Tons of food! On AB, we had an internal review with BED and FED of the proposed changes to the base page layout that we (FED) thought would be needed moving forward. <meta>, <link>, and <script> oh my! Pretty basic stuff, but an important step to extend the OOTB functionality of sitecore. Later in the day we had the first of three sprint planning sessions for the upcoming sprint.


f you scroll progress bar

Just kidding scroll progress bar, we figured it out together. There is still some work to be done on this, but for now it is in a good place. Got to demo my work to the AB team (internally).


Completed more work, looking for more (headaches)

I should probably slow down on these because I got more things! Specifically more discovery work; Soundcloud, and another thing to build; a scroll progress bar. I agonized over the scroll progress bar all day, and it wasn’t until I left work that I realized the error of my ways and identified the correct query to make it work. Ugh… so many hours lost.


Reported on my second component, looking for more?

I asked the tech lead what other useful things I could do and was quickly assigned a drop cap and a trailing slash. Figured this would take all day to complete. That was correct, but by the end of the day I had both a drop cap and a trailing slash! BOOM!

Also, had a mid-day meeting with the tech lead and two others to discuss media types and the possibilities of Sitecore / SXA or 3rd party options. This was partially from my earlier discovery work. It was nice to be able to speak to the things I had learned.


Finished up the second mock component for AB

By the end of the day I was able to finish up the second component for AB. I am calling them mock components not because they aren’t real components, but from a design standpoint, they are not completely approved yet. So while they may change a bit, the basic idea is there.


Bootstrap Flexbox? Grid FTW!

Started a new mock component for AB. Thought I had it figured out using the Bootstrap grid, but the laytout changed too much between desktop and mobile that I ended up having to go with display: grid. But that didn’t happen until the next day.

I was excited that I had figured out how to get this component layed out using Bootstrap, but this was not the case. I ended up creating a quick mockup of the component and querying the Prime community on Slack. After a few useless replies, someone actually helped, and that came in the form of display: grid. Spend the rest of the day working with CSS Grid to get the component behaving well across browsers, specifically IE11 😒


Finished up the first mock component for AB, did some work for another team

Also had been asked to help quick with a project for another team. The Salesforce team was struggling with form validation and got reCaptcha on a page, but the submit button didn’t care that it was there. I added in some additional validation to check whether or not the reCaptcha had been checked, problem solved, yay! 🥳

The quick fix for the Salesforce team was as follows:

submitHandler: function (form) {
   //Submit Form
   var captchResponse = $('#g-recaptcha-response').val();
   if(captchResponse.length == 0 ) {
     if(!$("#error-captcha").length) {
$('<p style="color:#FF0000; margin: 0 0 10px 0" id="error-captcha">Please check \'I\'m not a robot\'.</p>" ').insertBefore(".g-recaptcha");
    return false; }
   } else {
     form.submit(); // previously, this was the only line that existed. needed to add the if/else


Had my bi-weekly meeting with my surpervisor

Got some good feedback on my accessibility presentation from the previous week. Also completed the first mock component for AB. I later found out that the component I chose was one of the few style choices that AB actually liked. Yay me?!


Spent the day working with a mock component for AB

Was working on this last Friday, but it had not been officially assigned to me, took it today. Following up on the SXA workshop for AB, there was a base component made and this task was requested to be continued to be explored by FED. After my discovery tasks, my plate was clean, so I decided to take this on. Working with Bootstrap 4 and SXA. Had to modify the markup a bit and fought with positioning and media queries most of the day.


Completed discovery tasks, moved onto SXA component export exploration

Was able to finish up the discovery tasks yesterday and report on stand-up today. Spent the rest of the day playing with the SXA component export. There is not a task for this, but it seemed to be time well spent learning about the environment and workflow that I will be using for the next 6 months. Also tackled a little more of my current Frontend Masters course, Javascript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS.


Connected with the Tech Lead for AB, was on the right track

As noted, I connected with the Tech Lead for AB and was able to see that I was in fact on the right track for discovery. Maybe I over-thought it, maybe I just wanted to be sure that I was approaching my work in the proper manner? Either way, with my template and direction, I was able to finalize the stories I had on my board. Received an SXA component export to start working on some FED tests, will continue exploring tomorrow.


AB Sprint Kickoff

I spoke to a few people about what is expected with a discovery related task. The best information resulted in this Discovery Task Boilerplate. Since refactoring my notes using the USDWS Jekyll theme, my beloved La Croíx counter had disappeared. It is now back and better than ever! Planning to connect with the Tech Lead for AB in the AM to discuss the expected outcome of discovery stories.


Presented my Accessibility in JavaScript Applications summary for the bi-weekly FED Team Meeting

I had initially hoped to keep my presentation short as the read time quoted by Medium was 12 mins. But, the presentation turned into more of a discussion which turned into nearly the entire hour of the meeting. This was actually helpful, without the discussion I would have spent maybe 15 minutes and a hundred ‘ahs’ stumbling through it. AB Standup (the last before the official sprint kickoff) led to me getting a couple of discovery tasks which I spent part of the day looking in to.


Need to keep worknotes on a daily basis. I cannot recall what happened this day. AB Sprint Planning 2/2 happened. Thankfully, my Sr. FED counterpart was in attendance so we could speak to the FED stories for the sprint.


Finished HR Cybersecurity Training, updated worknotes to use USWDS, Jekyll, and Gulp

Attended 1/2 of AB Sprint Planning. Was at a bit of a loss as my Sr. FED counterpart was on PTO, but my admission of being Jr. and that I would be unable to speak to any architectural aspects of the project was acknowledged. FED stories were tabled for the remainder of the Sprint Planning meeting.


Allday SXA workshop for ab

This was pretty nice. Almost the entire project team came together to work through the development of a component using SXA. Revealed some potential issues to look out for as well as each developers approach to problem solving. Was pretty useful for me.


Caught the horizontal plague™️ and had to work from home…

Finished up the Accessibility in JavaScript workshop. Notes all done, looks good. In my conversation with my supervisor, she had mentioned that FED is looking to update our base project environment, part of which is a component library. When I was working on cw, we had used Astrum which was pretty cool, but not without its bugs. A quick look at what alternatives are available revealed Fractal which looks pretty cool. Further digging revealed sites that use this solution and I came across The United States Web Design System (USWDS), which combines a few things of interest, most notable of which are; accessibility, component library, Jekyll, SASS… to name a few. Started the JavaScript path on Frontend Masters


Finished the SXA training series’. Moving back to Accessibility in JavaScript. Also have CSS manifest for ab to pore over as well

Accessibility in JavaScript @ 30mins left. Have nice notes on Medium and the forked repo on github with comments all over the code as it comes in the workshop. Had a nice conversation with my surpervisor about BED and FED working together and how it doesn’t always work well, lessons learned, and how to move forward.


Thought I had no meetings, so I decided to WFH. At 08:30 a PM reached out and asked if I was coming to Scrum. Yes? But it wasn’t on my calendar. Spent the day going through the SXA Rendering Variant set of videos. There’s a lot of little things to consider when setting up a project on such a large platform, but if you can make the pieces smaller and smaller and understand how it all comes together, then it should be manageable. The break point between FED and BED is still unclear, but I think the SXA series is mostly geared towards FEDs, Content Authors, and Marketeers, so all the BED things are somewhere else?


I am now on ab half-time and have the other half of my time to do other things? There is plenty to keep me busy, I am finishing up SXA training, which is documented on the resources page. After that, I still have to finish Accessibility in JavaScript AND HR had sent over some trainings for me to complete. Yay.

Stackla update: FED won


Well well well… I used up all my allocation for mwt by noon yesterday and then started in on ab sxa business. We had the ab stand-up this morning and I was the only one who had cleared my plate to start in on the SXA trainings… Today I reported in for the mwt standup that I had passed off my ticket and it was in a good place, but after a day with Stackla, guess who won? Stackla… Anyway, I wrote up a bunch more notes about the SXA training, that’s over on my Resources page. I also figured out how to use markdown_helper to organize (complicate) my work here a bit more. SXA is pretty WYSIWYG(y), and it is yet unclear how BED and FED will work together using this platform, but I hope it proves useful and worth all the trouble!


had to get out of Stackla and mwt. Only had half time this week for that and ab, so mwt is out for the week. Moving on to ab, started learning sxa thangs.

me: 1, stackla: 2


spent the whole day in Stackla. I have nothing but inappropriate things to write…

me: 1, stackla: 1